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Testimonials about our titanium wedding rings

A testimonial from Sharon M

May 23, 2016

I received my new ring with the dolphin and osprey -  It is so beautiful!  The colors are amazing.  I couldn’t be more pleased.  Thanks so much!

A testimonial from Kim M

March 15, 2016

I just picked up the ring and it is GORGEOUS:) I can’t stop smiling at how much I love it.  Your work has exceeded my expectations. Thank you for adding to our special day!

A testimonial from Jim S

January 2, 2016

I received the ring last evening and after everyone went to bed I opened the package. The ring is beautiful. The photo on your website doesn’t do it justice. After I ordered it I was thinking maybe I should add some type of stone to it, but after seeing it in person, it really doesn’t need one. I am sure when I give it to her she will love it as well. Thank you again. Jim

A testimonial from Gail N

July 22, 2015

Hey Sandy, just wanted to let you know that hay cutting season here in Texas in coming to a close and neither one of us took our ring off to work in the field…they are very comfortable….also they have helped with some monkey wrenching too….got greasy and cleaned up perfectly…as a matter of fact neither has been off since the day they arrived from you….we love them

Thank you so much

A testimonial from Hilda K

July 8, 2015

Hello Sandy, we got our rings and love them! Thanks for the beautiful creation.

A testimonial from Victoria M

June 18, 2015

Hi Sandy ~

Absolutely love the ring!  U guys did an amazing job & so happy my fiancé gets an unique ring he really enjoys!  Thank u for making it special & being great to work with!

A testimonial from Gail N

May 19, 2015

Hey there…just wanted to let you know we got our rings yesterday and they are perfect…I attached a pic. guys did an awesome job…thank you so much

A testimonial from K J

May 14, 2015

Ok — wow.  Oh, my.  These rings are much more beautiful than the pictures.  We are SO happy!  They are very comfortable, the colors are spectacular (we saw some green amidst the blue and just LOVE the subtlty of that), much lighter than we expected — which is a good thing, and we just can’t stop staring at them.  The waves are really well done.  They have variety and are well shaped, and proportinal with the empty space on the ring.   What great balance this design has.

Thank you both.  We are absolutely and unequivocally happy with our rings.  And you were a pleasure to work with.  You were very professional and delivered these as you stated you would, wihout fuss or delays, at the prices quoted.  And I want to thank you again for urging us to get the big wave.  Now that I see it, it can see what a great idea it was.

A testimonial from Mary G

April 23, 2015

Dear Chris and Sandy,

I LOVE THE RING!!! It’s is perfect, and I think he is going to be very happy with it. I know I am. Now we both have unique rings that fit our personalities. You do beautiful work and I can’t thank you enough. Just wish he was home this month to see it :)Thank you thank you, Mary.

A testimonial from Victoria K

April 8, 2015

Absolutely love the ring!  U guys did an amazing job & so happy my fiancé gets an unique ring he really enjoys!  Thank u for making it special & being great to work with!