Hidden gems in titanium

How about some gemstones inside your titanium wedding ring? Wha-a-at? Where no one can see them? Why would anyone do that?

Well, one way of looking at it is it’s the couple’s secret that no one else knows about unless the wearer chooses to tell them. Others may like the symbolism of gemstones but don’t want visible bling on the ring they wear every day.

Here’s an example:

We can put small diamonds, rubies, or sapphires inside many of our titanium wedding rings but it is considerably more work than putting gems on the outside, so we charge more. And stones set inside can’t be big, either. So, if you want this unusual embellishment in your titanium ring, we can set two-point diamonds or their equivalents in rubies or sapphires inside your ring for $125 each (including the stone.)

It will be your little secret!