Making the rainbow solid

Over the years we’ve had a number of unusual jewelry requests. One recurring request is for us to make a ring out of titanium implants—screws, rods, plates, etc. Well, we haven’t been able to do this because, among other problems, titanium has a very high melting point: about 3,034 °F.

We mill our rings out of solid blocks of titanium and most implanted items are too flat or just not big enough.

But one customer asked for something we could do: take a rod that had once been inside a loved one who had passed away, and color it like a rainbow. When preparing the titanium rod for anodizing (coloring) Chris ground the surface to give it an even texture and make it easier to anodize. When you grind titanium, it creates some really cool sparks:

Chris grinding the surface to even the texture

Once the rod was anodized the way the customer wanted, we sent it back to her along with the rainbow ring she had ordered. As we like to say, we’ve been making the rainbow solid since 1978!