What should we engrave in our rings?

Sometimes people wonder what they should have engraved inside their rings. How about, “My first round draft pick”? There aren’t any rules about engraving—you can get whatever you want—or nothing. We have a limit of forty characters (counting spaces as one character each) or you can pay a little extra to get two lines, doubling the length available. We like to include our logo and the metal content but this isn’t absolutely necessary.

Some couples want to keep the engraving secret from each other so they will contact us separately to let us know what to engrave in the ring of their betrothed. With ring sets, some inscriptions are couplets that start on one and finish on the other.

The most common engraving text includes some or all of these elements: names or nicknames, wedding date, and various expressions of love and devotion. We have some symbols available too, including a heart and an infinity symbol. We have engraved inscriptions in many languages including Russian, German, Latin, Hebrew, French, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Vietnamese, and languages we can’t identify. Those that use an alphabet different from English cost a little extra.

Some version of the wedding date is a frequent request and besides commemorating your special day, it’s a big help to those who have trouble remembering important anniversaries!

We have three font styles for inside engraving:

Modified block text

Modified block: All capitals, the easiest to read.

Script text

Script: Upper and lowercase.

Double row text
Double row: All capitals, used for two lines of text.

Frequently-used words include versions of always, forever, eternal, infinity, souls, soulmates, friends, lovers, and hearts. Many inscriptions include Bible citations. Sometimes the text to be engraved is so inscrutable that we have no idea what it means. But don’t worry if that describes what you want want—we’ll engrave whatever you give us.

Below are inscriptions that we found amusing or memorable; some are related to a ring style—or could have been—which we noted where applicable.

Put me back on!
Check forehead for thumb print

Ring 1: With our dreams… Ring 2 …entwined together
Coralled [on a barbed wire ring]
Could we have zebras?
Always, all ways
Still falling
Love is friendship set on fire
You can bale my hay any day
[for a farmer couple]
Two trails become one road
No take-backs
Oh my God, this is so weird
I started breathing on the night we kissed
John… loves… Mary… loves…
For keeps
One ring to bind them
I do
And they lived happily ever after
Better together
…and then we went hiking
Made for each other
Til my last breath
Cheese sandwiches
Just two lost souls swimming in a fishbowl
When mountains crumble to the sea
[on a mountain ring]
My walrus
The best fish story is one that’s true
I knew I’d find you
Best beast
Blue skies, soft snow, warm hearts
[on a snowflake ring]
I dreamed that our hearts soared entwined on a breeze
Pulse of my heart
[on a heart ring]
The adventure begins
Because you quenched my thirst
He’s my nutty oat bread
The hunt is over
[on a Durango deer tracks ring]
Ring of fire
[for a motorcycle ring]
No fishing beyond this point [on a fish-themed ring]
Best catch of your life [ditto]
I’m stuck on you like a chain ring tattoo
I love my monkey

AND… last but not least

If you were a statue I would polish your ass every day